Collect, analyze, and communicate timely and relevant local labour market information



The LEPC is mandated to develop a detailed understanding of local labour marketing characteristics, challenges, and opportunities using a combination of pre-existing reliable data sources, outreach, and partnerships with local community stakeholders, including:

  • Identifying key changes to local community workforce characteristics including: population, employment, unemployment, participation rates, migration and immigration, and educational attainment
  • Identifying industry, human resources or social economic trends affecting the local labour market
  • Analyzing training needs and employment opportunities in the community or in local industries
  • Identifying job descriptions and/or job clusters in the area’s dominant or growth industries beyond National Occupational Classification (NOC) code levels
  • Monitoring occupational outlook reports and research
  • Conducting community research on specific local labour market issues affecting employers
  • Developing local profiles of job seekers or the long-term unemployed
  • Identifying potential skill set misalignments between in-demand occupations and local labour market supply
  • Documenting educational pathways to specific in-demand jobs in local industries and /or sectors
  • Developing community maps of employment, education and training, and community human and social services
  • Validating local workforce characteristics and examining service outcomes
  • Identifying potential gaps in service and underserved populations